The Weiss Medal for Chemistry, Radiation and Biology

Professor Stephanie McKeown: Awarded Weiss Medal 2013

Author: Stefan Ogrodzinski

OncoTherics Director, Professor Stephanie McKeown has been awarded the 2013 Weiss Medal!

Weiss Medallists are nominated by the Chairman of the Association for Radiation Research, after suitable consultations, as having made distinguished contributions to radiation science.

Professor “Joe” Weiss’s research projects with Haber in the 1930’s are widely-known as landmarks in chemical science. For over twenty-five years he published many distinguished papers in radiation chemistry and was the first radiation chemist to attempt to unravel systematically the complex interaction between biologically important molecules and free radicals produced upon the radiolysis of water. Many of his students and collaborators have since continued this pioneering work and have made distinguished contributions to radiation chemistry and molecular radiobiology themselves.

Professor Stephanie McKeown is the latest recipient of the prestigious Weiss medal. You can read more about the award at the Association for Radiation Research webpages.