OncoTherics wins “best pitch” at LSBC Investor Conference, Krakow

Author: Stefan Ogrodzinski

OncoTherics is delighted to have won the “best company presentation” competition at the 2018 Central European Life Science Investment Conference this October, in Krakow, Poland.

Stefan Ogrodzinski (CEO OncoTherics) said; “We are delighted to have won this competition, especially since the level of competition was so high. We were up against 7 other companies- including 2 recent Life Science Open Space winners. The judging panel included key international players such as Edwin Moses – Ablynx – giving us excellent exposure and teeing up opportunities for serious future investment discussions”

OncoTherics goal is to develop new drugs that target areas of the tumour that conventional chemotherapy and radiotherapy cannot reach. Specifically our interests concern the biology of hypoxic tumour microenvironments and the role these microenvironments play in the resistance and spread of a variety of cancers. Our solution is to target the hypoxic microenvironment with a new class of pro-drugs, that are able to penetrate the whole tumour including the difficult to reach hypoxic regions.

We have demonstrated in a variety of tumours containing difficult to reach hypoxic cancer cells, that our prodrugs are irreversibly metabolised to highly effective and persistent TOPO II inhibitors. The unique combination of high penetration, irreversible conversion and persistance of the resultant TOPO II inhibitor, sets our drugs apart from the competition. Applications include a wide spectrum of cancers, but particularly very hypoxic tumours, like pancreatic cancer, prostate and glioblastoma.